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SF-500 Cassette Type Single Face

Short Description:

Working Width: 1800-2500mm
Designed Speed 350m/min
Main Corrugated Roller: (D500mm
Steam Pressure:0.6~1.0MPa
Total Power:about 85Kw

Product Detail

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Main Structural Features

★ Adopt negative pressure type design. Large diameter corrugated roller and pressure roller make the roller be pressed evenly in low temperature. Improved the adhesiveness, ensure the cardboard could laminate well with different gsm paper under high speed.

★ When change corrugated rollers use electric trolley to trailer into the machine, button control. Pneumatic lock, change corrugated rollers takes

10 minutes.

★ Corrugated roller adopt sides heating system, reduced the heating time, avoid the accumulation of condensate water, reduced the deformation of the corrugated roller. When restart t he machine, the cardboard loss become smaller.(Option)

★ Corrugated roller and pressure roller adopt pneumatic control. It have buffered function, reduce the resonance of the machine and improve the quality of the cardboad.

★ Adopt precised ball screw adjust the gap between the pressure roller and the corrugated roller. Electronic ruler detect and display the numerical value, the gap be adjusted according to the working speed and paper gsm automatically.

★ Driving unit adopt teeth shape belt driving, the transmission is stable, the noise is low and maintenance free.

★ When the main motor stop, the glue system could operate independently. The glue roller have cold water recyling system, to avoid glue dry in the surface of the glue roller.

★ Glue quantity adjust use exocentric structure. Adjust the glue become more fine and easy. The glue quantity adjusted according to the production speed and the gsm of the paper automatically.

★ Movable gluing system. Not only wash easily, but also more convenient to maintain.

★ Humanized operating system, touch screen operating interface, colorful pictures show the operating state, function choice, fault indication,solve and parameters setting.The operating is easy, humanized and intelligent.

★ Built-in preconditoner have mist spray system to adjust the temperature and moisture of the core paper.

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