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Semi Automatic Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine/Die Cutting Machine ML930

Short Description:


Sliding bearings are made of high quality alloy cooper, thus to get effect of anti-friction and shake reducing.

Flywheel is with big moment of force and large pressure.

High strength due to one piece casting by using top-ranking material for machine body.

Single plate electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable

With functions of single, continuous and opening dwell operation, dwell range is adjustable.

Operating position is reasonably arranged, moving-bed can be opened to its optimum.

Safety system is reliable.

Can equip inner and outer movable frame.


Stainless steel plate; Copper sleeve; Electric automatic oil pump; Manual central lubrication device

  • Model: ML930
  • Power: 4KW
  • Machine size: 1800X1600X1600mm
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    Semi Automatic Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine/Die Cutting Machine ML930

    die cutting and creasing machine

    Function characteristics:

    1. Sliding bearing use of high-quality casting of copper alloy, wear damping.
    2. The flywheel torque, large pressure shear.
    3. Airframe adopts high quality materials integrally cast, high strength and good rigidity.
    4. Monolithic electromagnetic clutch sensitive reliable.
    5. A monolithic continuous pressure, cut open and three functions, delay time can be adjusted.
    6. Operating altitude design is reasonable, crushing open angle.
    7. Concentrated lubrication system ensures good lubrication, reduce wear.
    8. Safety and protection system is reliable.

    Machine details:




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    Technical parameter:

    Model Max. creasing area Working speed(pieces/min) Max. rule length Motor power Dimension(mm)


    ML 930 930X670 23±2 <25m 4.0kw 1800X1600X1600




    die cutting and creasing machine



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