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Automatic Flatbed Die cutting creasing machine becomes more and more popular

Flatbed die cutting process is an important process of packaging decoration after printing, the original use is Manual die cutting creasing machine. The equipment has serious hidden danger in operation security. Because it needs manual feeding in the production process, it is prone to industrial accidents; Although the current production of manual die cutting creasing machine in the safety linkage performance has been greatly improved, but still can not eliminate industrial accidents.



At the same time, because manual die cutting creasing machine is a single machine operation, the operator’s technical proficiency and product output, quality is very important. As a result, skilled operators have become very popular among enterprises.

Automatic die cutting creasing machine.

With the packaging process of wine and food enterprises gradually transformed into automatic assembly line, the consistency of packaging size is higher and higher. Therefore, packaging decoration printing enterprises in the batch packaging post-press processing, the use of advanced automatic flatbed die cutting creasing machine is imperative.


Automatic flatbed die cutting creasing machine is the key equipment for printing and packaging products post-press processing to improve labor productivity, it is not only an efficient, safe and high-quality die cutting molding equipment, but also the replacement of manual die cutting creasing machine products, favored by the majority of packaging and printing enterprises. The wide application and broad market prospect of this equipment have attracted many equipment manufacturers. At present, China’s automatic flatbed die cutting creasing machine has formed a complete series of varieties, technology has reached a higher level.

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Post time: Oct-13-2021