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MY-1100 Automatic corrugated die punching machine for corrugated cardboard

Short Description:

Automatic Die Cutting Machine is the main equipment for paper, carton,trademarks and all kinds of paper packing products die cutting.

Our machines equip with high precision intermittent structure, pneumatic plate-lock, air clutch and overload protection to ensure the high

speed and high running steady of machines. And in order to make fulfill working efficiency of our machines, we also add the pre code paper

part, twice paper feeding structure, variable speed paper feeding structure, auto paper collecting structure, pneumatic sampling structure, auto

timing oil lubricating and the forced air cooling for main drive lubricating devices to this machine.

Product Detail

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MY-1100 Automatic corrugated die punching machine cor corrugated cardboard

corrugated cardboard automatic flatbedt die cutting machine

Main specification
1.Max. paper size 1100m×780mm
2.Min. Die-cutting size 350mm×350mm
3.Max. Die-cutting size 1080mm×760mm
4.Max. Die-cutting pressure 350N/cm2
5.Paper processed cardboard 0.7mm-9mm
6.Max. Die-cutting speed 7000sheets/h
7.Bite paper edge Min.6mm
8.Total power(kw) 17kw
9.Voltage 380V,3PH,50/60HZ
10.Gross weight 17.5 tons

Paper feeding unit

Paper feeding unit

1.The unique design of pressure-free and scratchproof minimises scratching on paper, especially coated colour printing board.

2.Synchronous belt integrated design to make the machine run more steadily and reduce noise.

3.The individual servo motor provides sufficient power, and equipped with a high-power fan, which guarantees a stable cardboard transfer.

Paper deliver unit

Paper delivery unit 1 Paper delivery unit

1.The adjustable brush wheel and press wheel ensure the cardboard is delivered to the front and side gauges exactly at the same time.

2.Using advanced push and pull gauges to precisely place the cardboard in the exact cutting position and enter the die cutting part.

3. Taiwan Reke’s photoelectric sensor effectively prevents paper from mismatch getting into the machine, reducing rejection rates and improving die cutting accuracy.

4.The paper pressing part adopts cylinder control, making it easier to lift and drop.

Die cutting unit

Diecutting unit

1.A safe and flexible rotation mechanism makes loading and switching panels faster and easier.

2.The board frame features adopts pneumatic locking plate, protective beams and locking gate to make the template die cutting plate stable.

3.Die cutting steel plate adopts 75Cr1 design material, more durable and convenient; Below is provided with the upper blowing floating device, so that the die cutting plate in and out is more easily and labor-saving.

4.Protective die-cutting Windows are designed to make the operator safer.

Stacking unit

Stacking unit

1.Double optical eye detection at the paper collecting part effectively prevents machine damage caused by paper dropping, making the paper collecting more stable.

2.The design of pneumatic non-stop collection paper sample, the die cutting accuracy of samples can be tested continuously.

3.A two-speed reduction motor from Taiwan Shengbang is used to reduce the contactor working frequency and increase the paper lifting speed of the empty disk, allowing the machine to operate efficiently.


Electric elements

Electric element

1.Siemens inverter main motor, Japan Yaskawa inverter, gives the machine stable and reliable power output.

2.Adopts PLC and HMI to automatically control and monitor the process from paper feeding, paper delivery, die cutting and paper receiving.

3.A human interface displays everything working in real time,a multi-tone speaker to alarm and automatically stop when machine has a fault, ensuring man-machine safety.


The host machine

The host machine

1.Worm gear material selection of high quality alloy copper, precision machine processing, manual scraping, high precision, especially wear-resistant.

2.The host part uses ductile iron, which boosts the machine’s stress resistance.

3.A vibration absorption and supercharging system on the moving platform allows for less wear and more pressure.

4.Buying a Japanese SMC rotary joint, equipped with pneumatic clutch, features low noise, long life and smooth braking.

5.Automatic centralized lubrication system is equipped, and the main drive crank connecting rod adopts forced oil supply.

Drive unit

Drive unit

1.Static intermittent box driving adopts Taiwan professional three dimensional CAM indexing mechanism, transmission noise is smaller, driving more stable, maintenance and replacement is more convenient.

2.The tooth arrangement adopts high-quality hard aluminum alloy profiles, which are anodized on the surface and have strong rigidity, light material and small inertia. It an complete accurate paper transfer process in high speed operation.

3.The main chain adopts original British RENOLD or German IWIS, which has good tensile resistance

4.PLC program controlled automatic oil supply system,Lubrication of the chain can be completed as required.


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