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Flatbed die-cutters

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MY-1300/1450/1500/1620/1650  AUTOMATIC DIE CUTTING ,UP FEEDER ,IT CAN DO 200-2000 gsm paper board  and 1-7mm corrugated board .

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型号 model MY-1300 MY-1500 MY-1650
最大输纸尺寸(mm) Max. Paper Size 1320X980mm 1510x1120mm 1670x1200mm
最小输纸尺寸(mm) Min.Paper Size 400x350mm 450x400mm 550x500mm
最大模切尺寸(mm) Max.Die-cutting Size 1300x960mm 1490x1100mm 1650x1180mm
最小叼口尺寸(mm) Min gripper edge size 6-8mm 6-8mm 6-8mm
最大模切压力(T) Max.Die-cutting Pressure 350N/cm2 380N/cm2 400N/cm2
  白板纸Carboard 200-2000g/m2 200-2000g/m2 200-2000g/m2
  瓦楞纸 Corrugated paper W7mm W7mm W7mm
最高速度(sheets/h) Max.die-cutting Speed 5000 sheets/h 5000sheets/h 4200sheets/h
给纸纸堆最大高度(mm) Max.Feeding Pile Height 1400mm(above the level) 1400mm(above the level) 1400mm(above the level)
收纸纸堆最大高度(mm) Max.Collecting Pile Height 1250mm(above the level) 1250mm(above the level) 1300mm(above the level)
总功率(KW) Total Power 18KW 19KW 21 KW
整机重S(T) Weight 16T 19T 23T


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