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DHE-150 NC single-face corrugsting cutting machine (NC thin blade slitter, Spiral cutting, down Stacking )

Short Description:

Effective width: 1800-2500mm;
The max. speed 150m/Min
Slitter quantity :6;
Min. Slitter width:180mm;
Row knife timed-3s;
Slit accuracy:0.5mm;
Cutting length :300 – 9999mm
Cutting accuracy: 1mm ( uniform speed )
Stacking height:250~600mm (according to customer needs to select);

Product Detail

Product Tags

The maximum length of cardboard stacking: 1600mm
Constant tension cardboard delivery, delivery speed and single-facer speed strict synchronization;
12. alloy steel blade slitter, automatic sharpening, long blade life, high cutting quality; 13.Slitters row independent servo control, change over fast, accurate .reliable;
slitter speed frequency motor, frequency control, follow cardboard speed synchronous adjustment;
when change orders, left and right absorb waste place following edged knife electric adjustment;
cutter part box adopt quality castings .strictly aging treatment, precision machining, long-term stable operation of equipment;
Alloy steel spiral cutter shaft, precision machining, balancing correction, high stiffness, low inertia;
Crosscutting knife Bryant Germany AC servo controller;

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