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Computer programmed stamping die cutting & creasing machine

Short Description:

◆ Sliding bearings are made of high quality alloy, thus to get the character of anti-friction and shock absorption.

◆ The frame is made up of high quality alloy, it has high strength and the same type continuous.

◆ There are three fuctions: single, continuous and delay time, the time can be adjusted from 0.1s to 9.9s.

◆ Flywheel torque is big, so the pressure is lager.

◆ Single plate electronic clutch is sensitive and reliable.

Product Detail

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Model Max.Rule Area Working speed Wacrulelength Molor Weight Overall Dimensions(LxWxH)
PYQ401C  750x520mm 28±2(stroes/min) 15m 2.2kW 2000kg 1260x1350x1280mm
PYQ203D  930x670mm  23±2(stroes/min)  25m  4.0kw  3000kg  1800x1600x1600mm
 ML 1100  1100x800mm  20±2(stroes/min)  32m  5.5kW  4000kg  1900x1800x1700mm
 ML 1200  1200x830mm  20±2(stroes/min)  35m  5.5kw  4300kg  1900x2000x1700mm
 ML 1300  1300x920mm 18±2(stroes/min)  40m  5.5kw/7.5kw  5300kg  2000x2400x1800mm
 ML 1400  1400x1000mm  18±2(stroes/min)  45m  5.5kw/7.5kw  6000kg  2000x2450x1900mm
  ML 1500  1500x1050mm  18±2(stroes/min)  <45m  5.5kw/7.5kw  6500kg  2000x2550x1930mm
 1500x1150mm  18±2(stroes/min)  <45m  5.5kw/7.5kw  6800kg  2000x2550x1980mm
ML 1600 1600x1250mm 16±2(stroes/min) 50m 11kw 11000kg 2170x2560x2130mm
ML 1800 1800x1300mm 16±2(stroes/min) 62m 15kw 13500kg 2240x2800x2230mm
ML 2000 2000x1400mm  16±2(stroes/min) 80m 15kw 14500kg 2280x2900x2230mm
ML 2200 2200×1450mm 16±2(stroes/min) 90m


 18kw  16500kg  2280x3000x2250mm
 ML 2500  2500×1600mm  13±2(stroes/min)  95m  22kw  20000kg  3580x2400x2550mm

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