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Automatic Die Cutting & Creasing Machine(non-stop)

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model MY-1300 MY-1500 MY-1650
Max.Paper Size 1320X980mm 1510x1120mm 1670x1200mm
Min.Paper Size 350x450mm 450x500mm 500x550mm
Max.Die-cutting Size 1300x960mm 1490x1100mm 1650x1180mm
The minimum size in mouth 8mm 8mm 8mm
Max.Die-cutting Pressure 350N/cm2 380N/cm2 400N/cm2
瓦楞纸 Corrugated paper 1-9mm 1-9mm 1-9mm
Max.die-cutting Speed  4600 sheets/h  4600 sheets/h  4200 sheets/h
Total Power  25KW  26.5KW  26.5KW
Weight  16.5T  19.5T  25T

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